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Bihar Police warns of stern action against those playing ‘vulgar’ songs during festive season

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In view of the festive mood that will prevail in Bihar from Maha Shivaratri on Saturday and continue till Holi, the police has warned that those playing songs in “vulgar” taste could land in trouble.

According to Additional Director General of Police (Headquarters), J S Gangwar, all songs that “crossed the boundaries of decency (‘shaleen nahin’) would be deemed to be vulgar and evoke action accordingly”.

“Police personnel will patrol areas in their jurisdiction and keep a close watch on various pandals that come up during the period. It is advisable that people refrain from playing songs that are outright vulgar and hurt sentiments,” he told reporters.

A missive had recently been sent to police officers across all districts by the special branch, which said stern action was advised against those who played songs with casteist and communal overtones.

It had said the incidence of such songs has been noticeable in districts like Siwan and Bhojpur, both bordering Uttar Pradesh, which often led to social tensions.

Moreover, songs replete with double entendre, a bane of numbers in Bhojpuri, arguably the most popular dialect spoken in the state, often cause discomfort to members of the fairer sex and those accompanying them.

“All should feel free to approach the police if they come across any violation of direction against objectionable songs. Instructions are in place to deal with such complaints, especially during the period between Maha Shivaratri and Holi, quickly and effectively,” Gangwar said.


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