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At the UN, India Advocates Global Collaboration to Combat Terrorism

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In a recent address, a high-ranking Indian diplomat underscored the critical need for international cooperation in tackling arms trafficking and the diversion of weapons across the globe. The diplomat emphasized the necessity for collective efforts aimed at identifying diversion points and trafficking routes to curb the illicit transfer of small arms, light weapons, and their ammunition.

Highlighting India’s stance on the matter, the diplomat expressed India’s firm support for intensifying actions both nationally and globally to reinforce the implementation of the UN program of Action and the international tracing instrument. These efforts, as outlined, encompass various aspects such as enhancing legislative measures, bolstering enforcement mechanisms, controlling exports, sharing vital information, and fostering capacity-building initiatives.

The diplomat emphasized India’s stringent export controls on all munitions, including small arms and light weapons, signaling a resolute commitment to combat the proliferation of arms. India’s active participation in international platforms such as the Wassenaar Arrangement further signifies its dedication to fortifying the global architecture against non-proliferation, particularly in the realm of small arms and light weapons.

The diplomat, serving as the plenary chair for the year 20-23, reiterated India’s unwavering dedication to advancing efforts aimed at strengthening the global framework against proliferation, emphasizing the importance of collaborative actions in mitigating the grave threat posed by the illegal trafficking of arms and ammunition.


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