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After Aryan Khan’s arrest SRK messaged Sameer Wankhede, says, ‘I beg you…’; read full conversation here

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A chat between Shah Rukh Khan and Sameer Wankhede is going viral, where SRK can be seen getting emotional for his son Aryan when he was arrested on drug charges.

Please man I beg you, there is nothing from my side that is in vested interest,” SRK tells Wankheded as per the chat.

“Please man don’t make him pay for these *** and vested people. I beg you man please. It’s a larger thing my son and my family I swear play no part in it. I have even refrained from talking to anyone,” Shah Rukh Khan adds.

Sameer Wakhede: “Dear Shahrukh it pains my heart too by recent developments. No one is happy and from our side no one deliberately wants to put Aryan in troiuble dear trust me on that. There are certain technicalitties in the law. I have also assurred you that will not allow any rubbish person to spoil his case though they are trying a lot. I know where you are coming from emotionally I would only want to tell you one thing here my dear, just have patience. This is going to be over soon.”

Shah Rukh Khan: “Insha Allah. But I honestly feel you made the best effort in your official capacity and I did so too as a father. But sometimes our best is not good enough. Patience is paramount. Thank You. Love SRK”

SRK: God bless you. I have to come personally whenever you say and give a hug to you. Let me please know whenever it’s convenient for you. Really I have always had the highest regard for your uprightness and now it has increased manifolds. Big respect. Love srk.

Sameer Wankhede: – Sure deal will catch up. Let this get over soon.

Shah Rukh Khan: Yes, please help me in making it soon. Thanks.

The veracity of the chats could not be independently confirmed by thenews21.com.


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