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Adani Group Dismisses Link to Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse, Denounces Baseless Allegations

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The Adani Group issued a robust rebuttal on Monday, vehemently refuting recent assertions that sought to connect the conglomerate to the tragic tunnel collapse incident in Uttarakhand. Dismissing the allegations as baseless, the company expressed strong condemnation and distanced itself completely from any involvement in the said construction.

“In response to misleading claims attempting to associate our entity with the regrettable tunnel collapse in Uttarakhand, we unequivocally denounce these spurious attempts and those perpetrating them,” the company asserted in its media release.

The Adani Group underscored and clarified emphatically that neither the conglomerate nor any of its subsidiaries played any direct or indirect role in the construction of the tunnel in question. Furthermore, the company clarified its non-ownership and absence of any stake in the enterprise responsible for the tunnel’s construction.

“At this moment, our deepest concerns and sympathies lie with the affected workers and their families, facing the distressing situation arising from this tragic incident,” the statement further elaborated.

The company’s decisive statement aims to debunk any unfounded associations with the unfortunate event in Uttarakhand, reiterating their lack of involvement in the construction or ownership of the tunnel in question. The Adani Group’s focus remains on expressing solidarity with those impacted by this distressing incident, urging a swift resolution to the ongoing situation.


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