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Mahapadav Grows in Strength: Farmers and Workers Unite, Demand Action on Agrarian Crisis

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The second day of the Mahapadav, a mass sit-in struggle organized by the Samyukta Kisan Morcha and Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions/Federations, witnessed a surge in participation across the country, signaling a growing unity between farmers and workers in addressing the pressing agrarian crisis and socio-economic challenges.

Thousands of farmers and workers, having spent the night in tractor trolleys or temporary shelters at the Mahapadav sites, joined in larger numbers on the second day, demonstrating solidarity and commitment to the cause. With events unfolding in state capitals (excluding poll-bound states), the Mahapadav underscores the pivotal role of unified action amid the suffering faced by citizens under the current government.

Leaders representing both farmers and workers addressed the gatherings, emphasizing the urgent need to confront the acute agrarian crisis and the distressing rural-to-urban migration resulting from neoliberal policies. They highlighted the devastating impact on not only the farming community but also on workers and youth, citing migration as a catalyst for heightened unemployment, privatization, and the erosion of workers’ rights.

The spotlight on the agrarian crisis and the corporatization of agriculture has elevated this issue to the forefront of national politics. Plans are underway to extend campaigns and protests to every household, town, and village, making the elimination of the crisis a shared responsibility of farmers and workers alike.

The Modi-led BJP government’s actions, allegedly favoring corporate interests at the expense of workers and farmers, drew sharp criticism. Additionally, concerns were raised about the BJP-RSS resorting to divisive communal politics, aiming to fracture the unity forged between workers and farmers. The collective strength exhibited during the Farmer-Worker Mahapadav has instilled confidence among the toiling masses, emphasizing the need to challenge the perceived nexus between corporate interests and communal agendas.

The culmination of the Mahapadav will see workers and farmers marching towards the Raj Bhawans on November 28th, 2023, with an anticipated increase in participation. A joint declaration and a charter comprising 21 demands will be presented to the respective Governors, symbolizing the unified resolve to address the pressing issues affecting the agrarian and labor sectors.



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