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Bhojpuri Star Akshara Singh Joins Prashant Kishor’s ‘Jan Suraaj’ Campaign, Hints at Political Foray

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Celebrated Bhojpuri actress and former Bigg Boss OTT contestant, Akshara Singh, took a significant step towards a potential political journey by aligning with election strategist Prashant Kishor’s ‘Jan Suraaj’ campaign. In a press conference held at the Jan Suraaj headquarters in Patna, the actress made her official entry into the political arena.

During her interaction with the media, Akshara Singh expressed her commitment to the ‘Jan Suraaj’ movement and disclosed her aspirations to contest elections. In a video circulating from the event, the 32-year-old actress shared her openness to the possibility of participating in electoral politics, stating, “The future will reveal itself, sir. There is no specific seat as of now, I have just taken the initial steps. You never know… if it’s in my destiny and if people support me, I might contest.”

Akshara Singh’s decision to venture into politics alongside Prashant Kishor’s campaign has sparked intrigue and speculation about her potential role in upcoming elections. Her willingness to embrace this new path and engage with public service aligns with the ‘Jan Suraaj’ movement’s emphasis on citizen-centric governance and inclusive politics.

As the actress navigates this new chapter, her association with Prashant Kishor’s initiative signals a convergence of entertainment and politics, drawing attention to the evolving landscape of public engagement and leadership in Bihar’s political arena.


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