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Aaditya Thackeray labels BMC roads and beautification contracts as scam and cartelisation

UBTSS leader red-flags concretisation of roads, argues 80% rainwater run-offs in Mumbai, expresses fears of a Joshimath happening in the metropolis.

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Mumbai: Launching a scathing attack on Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) run by the Administrator appointed by what he termed “unconstitutional” government, Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray Shiv Sena (UBTSS) faction leader, former minister Aaditya Thackeray on Monday alleged scam and cartelisation in awarding of the Rs 6,800 crore beautification and concretisation of 400 Kms of roads in Mumbai.

Voicing his strong objection to concretisation of some of the roads, the UBTSS faction leader argued that today there is 80% run-off of rainwater during monsoons in Mumbai due to concretisation of roads. Thackeray scion argued that nowhere in the world there is 100% concretisation of roads done. He added that this will lead to flooding in Mumbai during monsoons. “After so much of concretisation, if Joshimath happens in Mumbai, who will be responsible for it?”, asked Thackeray.

Speaking to newspersons here, Thackeray slammed the “unconstitutional” state government appointed administrator (read BMC Municipal Commissioner, I S Chahal) alleging that with one hand the administrator in the absence of the civic body, the corporators and the standing committee was mooting the proposal and with the other hand approving the proposal. He termed the approval an insult to the elected representatives of the civic body.

The Thackeray scion questioned the BMC municipal commissioner as to who approved these 400 Kms of road contracts. He wanted to know how Rs. 6,800 Cr contracts were being given and approved by the administrator only.  Thackeray argued that earlier, there was transparency because of the elected standing committee.

Raising 10 questions over the alleged Rs 6,800 Crore scam of beautification, he wanted to know from where were these funds diverted? “How will the amount be shown in the civic budget? Is there any timeline to this budget?”, asked Thackeray.

Alleging scam and cartelisation in the awarding of the contracts to the bidders, Thackeray remarked “Estimate price has been increased by 20 per cent. The increase in total has been 66 per cent above. Is this for kickbacks or profit? Earlier, 1 km was constructed for Rs. 10 Cr. Now, it will be built for Rs 17 Cr.

Slamming the BMC further, he said that the road contractors are supposed to have experience in construction of national highways. Arguing that most of the highways are greenfield ones, he added that there are no national highways in a city like Mumbai. “What is their experience in working in a city like Mumbai where there are 42 underground utility facilities?”, asked Thackeray.

Referring to the BMC argument that they would seek help from VJTI and IIT-Bombay for quality checks, he remarked that in the case of the Gokhale Bridge the government did not consider the reports of the two premier institutes.

Accusing the BMC and the state government of Cartelisation in awarding of the road contracts, Thackeray scion asked “why there were only these 5 contractors in Mumbai? It seems like it was pre-decided. Because of which friendship is this benefit being given?”

He further added, “We haven’t yet turned it into a political issue. We haven’t gone to the court. When the Shiv Sena came to power in BMC 25 years ago, BMC was in deficit. And today, look at its strong position. Thackeray dared the state government to hold the local body elections which they don’t have the courage to hold, remarked Aaditya Thackeray.


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