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‘Woh Last Din Aayenge Aur Aap Sab Ki Dhajjiyan Udake Jayenge’: TMC MP Mahua Moitra On PM Modi’s Attendance In Lok Sabha

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During the discussion on the no-confidence motion in Parliament on Thursday, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Modi. She stated that breaking the silence of PM Modi on the Manipur issue is the purpose behind bringing the no-confidence motion.

She mentioned that PM Modi has not yet made his way to the Parliament during the discussion and that he will eventually come and leave, blowing everyone to pieces with his remarks. “PM Modi will not listen to us, he will come on the last day and give his speech. I do not know what is more unfortunate, our PM refuses to come to the Parliament or that he refuses to go to Manipur”.

“We know we don’t have the numbers, yet we are here to break PM Modi’s silence,” she said. “The motion is not meant to succeed in the house, but more than a no trust in the government, the motion is about the ‘have confidence’ in the INDIA bloc,” she added.

Moitar said that she feels ashamed of PM Modi bowing to hindu seers, and that India has lost confidence in him.

“India doesn’t believe in you anymore. It’s embarrassing to see the prime minister of a big democracy bowing to religious leaders from a particular group in the new Parliament. It’s also shameful to witness police mistreating and filing cases against respected wrestlers, and to hear about villages in BJP-controlled Haryana sending letters to prevent Muslim traders from entering. The atmosphere of hatred has caused drastic changes. Now, even food items are being categorized by religion. We won’t let ourselves be pushed around. Mamata Banerjee isn’t scared, neither is Stalin, Akhilesh Yadav, nor Rahul Gandhi. We won’t let a single powerful business person manipulate India’s rules and the stock market while we just watch. People often ask, “If not Modi, then who?” After the lack of action on the Manipur issue, India might just say, “Anyone but Modi.”

Amidst the deliberations on the no-confidence motion on Thursday, PM Modi is scheduled to address the Parliament.

Referring to former J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik, she said, “We are here in our ‘be silent’ democracy, where the Prime Minister tells a Governor to be silent. Elected MPs in this House are frequently told to ‘be silent.”

Earlier this year in April, in an interview, Satya Pal Malik not only criticised the central government but also directly attacked PM Modi for the Pulwama attack. He mentioned that when he informed PM Modi immediately after the incident, but he was told to remain silent.


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