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WhatsApp Status Messages Spark Riots in Kolhapur; Police Resort to Lathi-Charge as Miscreants Escalate Violence

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Kolhapur city witnessed a violent clash between two groups of which one is affiliated with Hindutva organisations. The dispute arose over the display of Aurangzeb’s photo in the city. Members of a Hindutva group took to the streets, raising their voices against the perceived insult on Wednesday and the large gathering on the streets escalated the agitation, leading to clashes. The situation further deteriorated when the police resorted to lathi-charges to control the protesters seeking to disperse them.

Controversial post on social media hailing Aurangzeb sparked the communal tension in Kolhapur on Tuesday, June 6. Following that clashes broke out between two communities.

Subsequently, the Hindutva organisations had called for protests on Wednesday and the demonstrators had gathered around Chhatrapati Shivaji Chowk and Mahapalika Chowk in the city.

The protests not only remained confined to the streets but also witnessed instances of stone-pelting. They hurled stones at police vehicles as well. Consequently, the agitation escalated on a larger scale. As the situation went out of control, the police had to resort to lathi-charges against the protesters to regain control.

Several young individuals in Kolhapur uploaded objectionable status and lavished praises on Aurangzeb. Two groups confronted each other, with incidents of stone-pelting occurring in the second square of the city, Town Hall, and the Laxmipuri area.


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