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Maharashtra Government Under Fire for Delaying Report on Kharghar Tragedy; NCP Leader Clyde Crasto Demands Accountability for 14 Lives Lost

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The Maharashtra government is facing criticism for its delay in submitting the report on the tragic incident that claimed the lives of 14 individuals during the Maharashtra Bhushan function in Kharghar on April 16. The government had formed a one-man committee, headed by additional chief secretary (Revenue) Nitin Kareer, to investigate the cause of the deaths. However, an extension of another month has been sought by the committee, raising concerns and questions about the progress of the investigation.

Mr. Kareer was appointed to lead the committee just four days after the incident occurred, with the initial expectation that the report would be submitted within a month. However, there have been delays in the process, and now it has been almost two months since the tragedy, but the report has not yet been made public. The Maharashtra government’s request for an extension has raised eyebrows and intensified the demand for answers.

Numerous questions surround the Kharghar tragedy and the subsequent investigation. One major concern is how an incumbent bureaucrat can impartially investigate an incident that took place during a government function. Additionally, why has the committee been unable to complete the probe within the stipulated period of one month? These questions have raised doubts and suspicions among the public.

Some have even speculated that the delay in submitting the report is a deliberate attempt by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Maharashtra government to divert attention and allow people to forget about the tragedy. It is alleged that the government function was organized in an open ground during the peak of the summer season, leading to the deaths due to heatstroke. The delay in the report’s release only adds to the concerns that accountability may be avoided.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) spokesperson Clyde Crasto has strongly criticized the Maharashtra government for the delay, urging them to expedite the investigation and hold those responsible accountable. Crasto emphasized that the delay in the report will not make people forget the insensitivity that resulted in the loss of 14 innocent lives.

The NCP’s demand for swift action and transparency in the investigation resonates with the sentiments of the public, who are eager to see justice served and ensure that such incidents are not repeated. As the Maharashtra government faces mounting pressure, it is crucial for them to complete the probe without further delay and provide answers to the grieving families and the concerned public. The 14 lives lost should not be forgotten, and accountability must be upheld to prevent similar tragedies in the future.


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