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Uttar Pradesh School Teacher Faces Case After Encouraging Students to Assault Classmate in Viral Video Sparking Outrage

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An Uttar Pradesh school teacher, Tripta Tyagi, who was caught on video instructing students to slap a young Muslim classmate, has been formally charged following widespread condemnation of the incident. The incident, captured in a viral video, has triggered a wave of public outrage.

Tyagi, who also holds the position of principal at Neha Public School in Muzaffarnagar, can be seen making divisive comments while urging students to physically harm the 7-year-old boy, who stood helpless and tearful. Astonishingly, Tyagi displayed no remorse for her actions, asserting that she is unashamed and backed by the local community.

Attempting to rationalize her behavior, Tyagi argued that it’s essential to exercise control over students in educational institutions. She stated, “Laws have been enacted, but maintaining discipline among students remains a challenge. This is my approach to address such issues.”

Tyagi initially downplayed the incident, labeling it a minor matter. She later acknowledged her wrongdoing but believed the situation was needlessly amplified.

A high-ranking police official confirmed that an investigation determined Tyagi’s statement, which disparaged the mothers of Muslim students for their purported lack of involvement in their children’s education.

Aravind Mallappa Bangari, the District Magistrate of Muzaffarnagar, revealed that a First Information Report (FIR) had been filed against the teacher. He asserted that a thorough inquiry had been conducted, leading to both criminal charges and departmental actions against Tyagi.

The victim’s father reported that his son was subjected to hours of humiliation, abuse, and physical assault. He emphasized that the incident transcends religious lines and called for justice to be served through legal channels.

The incident has ignited a wave of outrage across social media platforms, with politicians from various parties condemning it as a hate crime and criticizing the ruling BJP government in the state. Brijesh Pathak, Uttar Pradesh’s Deputy Chief Minister, assured that comprehensive action would be taken in response to the incident.


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