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Spark Minda Foundation and Indian Army Collaborate to Empower People with Disabilities in Kashmir

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In a remarkable partnership, the Spark Minda Foundation (SMF) joined hands with the Indian Army in Kashmir to conduct a six-day Mega Camp at Zangli Garrison, Kupwara, from August 21 to 26, 2023. This collaborative initiative aimed to empower individuals with disabilities within the region.

Spark Minda Group, a global leader in the development and production of Smart Auto Technology Solutions in the Automobile Mobility Space, boasts a longstanding legacy of Community Development spanning decades.

The primary objective of this camp was to extend support to the community in the Kashmir Valley, facilitating accessibility and empowering individuals to lead lives marked by dignity.

This initiative has already yielded positive results, benefiting over 719 individuals from the valley who were grappling with locomotive, speech, and hearing disabilities by the end of day five. Additionally, more than 300 individuals sought assistance on the sixth day.

Leveraging its extensive network and respected reputation, the Indian Army played a pivotal role in disseminating information about the camp. Moreover, they facilitated the transportation of individuals with disabilities from various corners of the Kashmir Valley to the campsite at Zangli Garrison, Kupwara. Notably, this marks the second such camp jointly organized by the Indian Army and Spark Minda in the Valley.

Among the significant outcomes, the camp provided 16 prosthetic legs and hands, 137 orthotics, 47 crutches, 20 walkers, 67 walking sticks, and 132 wheelchairs to individuals with locomotive disabilities. Additionally, 437 hearing aids were distributed to those with speech and hearing impairments by the end of day five.


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