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Uttar Pradesh: Jains buy 250 goats to save them from slaughter on Bakrid in Baghpat

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Members of the Jain community in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat bought 250 goats on Wednesday, June 28 and sent them to a ‘bakrashala” – a shelter for goats. The animals were on sale a day ahead of Bakrid, celebrated by Muslims by sacrificing goats.

The community members established the Jeev Daya Sansthan in 2016 in Aminagar Sarai to save goats. The shelter is based on Lord Mahavir’s principle of ‘live and let live’. Currently, there are about 450 goats in this shelter.

“Seven years ago, our Jain saints inspired us to form the goat shelter. When it started in 2016, there were only 40-45 goats in the shelter. But many donors supported us and now there are about 500 goats with us,” said Dinesh Jain, an animal lover.

Red threads were tied around the necks of all the goats that were bought on Wednesday. Talking about the shelter, he said the goats are taken good care of and doctors regularly check the food, water, fodder and medicines given to the goats. Such shelters operate in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh as well. “There are plans to build a 45-storey tower for birds,” Dinesh said.

Muslims are not opposed to the idea of protecting these goats, Dinesh Jain said. “There are a lot of Muslims in our area, and no one has ever objected to this. Those who are good and sensible Muslims, appreciate it,” he said.

The new goat shed is built across 5,000 sq ft, and special attention is given to cleanliness, he said.


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