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There is potential for 100 Adani groups to be built in India: Gautam Adani

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At a celebration on Sunday honouring the 75th anniversary of Palanpur’s Vidya Mandir Trust in Gujarat’s Banaskantha, billionaire businessman Gautam Adani remarked, “Adani Group is simply one embodiment of India’s entrepreneurial success story.”

The Chairman of the Adani Group said, “I genuinely believe that India contains the capacity to construct 100 Adani groups, and there could be no better place than India to be an entrepreneur today.

“India’s time for democracy has come, and a democracy whose time has come cannot be stopped. Our nation offers amazing chances and will continue to do so “said he.

He described the incredible journey that led to his organisation being the biggest solar power firm, airport, and port in the world.


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