Tear Gas Fired as Farmers Armed with Bulldozers, Clash with Police at Punjab-Haryana Border

The standoff at the Punjab-Haryana border underscores the deepening rift between farmers and the government over agricultural reforms


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Tensions flared at the Punjab-Haryana Shambhu border on Wednesday morning as the Haryana police resorted to firing tear gas shells at protesting farmers. The farmers, who have been steadfast in their demand for Minimum Support Price (MSP) against the government’s agricultural policies, displayed resilience armed with gas masks, bulldozers, and heavy machinery in their standoff with law enforcement.

The Haryana police issued a stern warning to owners of earthmover machines and bulldozers participating in the farmers’ protest, cautioning them of potential criminal liability. In a statement posted on social media, the police emphasized the serious consequences of these machines being utilized to endanger security forces, categorizing such actions as non-bailable offences.

“Owners and operators of Poclains, JCBs: Please refrain from providing services of your equipment to the protestors. Withdraw these machines from the protest site immediately. The potential harm caused to security forces is a non-bailable offence, and you may be held criminally liable,” the statement reiterated.

Reports indicate extensive government preparations aimed at curbing the farmers’ march, including the fortification of barriers with reinforced boulders and concrete, along with the deployment of buses, trucks, and shipping containers to impede their movement towards the national capital. In response, the police have mobilized bulldozers to counter the farmers’ resolve.

Farmers’ leader Sarwan Singh Pandher reaffirmed their commitment to peaceful protest, asserting that their cause will not be deterred by government tactics. He condemned any potential violence and held the government accountable for maintaining peace and stability amidst escalating tensions.

“Our leaders will lead us forward peacefully, and the world will witness our steadfastness. If the government resorts to violence against farmers, they bear the responsibility. Our movement will persist peacefully,” Pandher declared.

The standoff at the Punjab-Haryana border underscores the deepening rift between farmers and the government over agricultural reforms, with neither side showing signs of backing down. As the situation remains tense, calls for dialogue and de-escalation grow louder, emphasizing the need for constructive engagement to address the underlying grievances and restore calm to the region.

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