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Suspect in Kerala Christian Gathering Blasts Arrested on Murder Charges

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Dominic Martin, the individual suspected of orchestrating the devastating blasts at a Christian gathering in Kerala’s Kalamassery on Sunday, has been formally arrested by the Kerala police. The arrest comes in the wake of Martin voluntarily surrendering himself to the authorities, one day after he confessed to his involvement in the explosive attack at the convention center.

Martin now faces a series of charges, including murder, under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, the Explosives Act, and other related offenses. His apprehension is a significant development in the investigation into the tragic incident that claimed the lives of three people and left 45 others injured.

Before turning himself in, Martin took to Facebook for a live broadcast in which he explained his motives behind the attack on the Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation. During the broadcast, he stated that his actions were driven by what he perceived as the group’s “anti-national” ideals, and he believed it was his duty to correct what he saw as a misguided movement.

“My name is Martin. A bomb blast occurred at a convention organized by the Jehovah’s Witnesses group, resulting in significant destruction. I take full responsibility for the event. I am conducting this Facebook Live to explain why I committed this act,” Martin said during the broadcast, which has since been removed. “Six years ago, I realized that this organization was wrong, and its teachings were highly anti-national. I brought this to their attention and urged them to mend their ways. However, they have not been willing to do so yet.”

“I oppose what they teach. I say this with complete conviction that this organization is not required in this society. I will immediately surrender myself at the police station. There is no need for any further investigation,” Martin continued in the live broadcast. “I would like to add one more thing: the details of how I planned the bomb blasts should not be broadcasted on news channels or social media. This information could be dangerous in the hands of a layman and may have significant repercussions. I conclude by stating this.”

The Sunday blasts sent shockwaves throughout the region, and Martin’s confession and subsequent arrest bring new insight into the motives behind the attack. Authorities continue to investigate the incident, seeking to ensure justice for the victims and their families.


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