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Rahul Gandhi Attributes Parliament Security Breach to Unemployment and Inflation, Congress Decries Suspension of MPs

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing critique against the BJP-led central government, attributing the recent security breach in Parliament to issues of unemployment and inflation. Addressing reporters, Gandhi highlighted Prime Minister Modi’s policies as contributing factors to the incident.

“Unemployment and inflation resulting from PM Modi’s policies led to the security breach in Lok Sabha,” Gandhi stated, underscoring concerns about the economic repercussions of governmental decisions.

Echoing these sentiments, senior Congress leader KC Venugopal criticized the Delhi Police for labeling the breach as a terror attack, implying politicization from authorities. During a media briefing at the AICC headquarters, Venugopal emphasized that the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, oversees the Delhi Police, suggesting a political dimension to the characterization of the incident.

Venugopal further questioned the suspension of 13 Congress MPs from Parliament, alongside Trinamool Congress’ Derek O’Brien, on allegations of misconduct. He challenged the government’s assertion that the new Parliament building would ensure heightened security, pointing to the breach as a glaring failure in security measures.

“Members in the Opposition are being penalized for raising their voices against the government,” Venugopal criticized, raising concerns over the fairness of the suspensions and the suppression of dissenting voices in the parliamentary proceedings.

The Congress leaders’ statements reflect growing tensions between the ruling party and the Opposition, with accusations of security lapses and arbitrary suspensions marring the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament.

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