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Owaisi In Chicago: ‘X Mark’ Drawn On Muslim Homes In Uttarkashi, What Happened In Germany In 1930s Taking Place in Today’s India

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AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi, speaking in Addison,Illinois in Chicago in the United States, said that “X Mark” was drawn on houses of Muslims in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhandand, and said that he does not want a “genocide to take place” in “the country he loves.” Owaisi went on to compared what’s happening in India to “the events of 1930s Germany” and said added, “Hitler in his time made films against the Jews and now we see films like The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story releasing here.” Owaisi went as far as saying that he “doesn’t want a genocide to take place in the country he loves” and said that India is already on stage two, citing professor Gregory Stanton’s remarks who had predicted the Rwanda genocide.

Owaisi also spoke on the recent row over Aurangzeb’s photo and said, “Some media people asked me to speak on the Aurangzeb photo issue and I told them that of course I will speak on it, but first you confirm it to me that it is Aurangzeb’s photo. They said it could be his image, I said what can I do if it could be Aurangzeb’s photo.”

“If someone raises a photo of Tipu Sultan, that person is booked,” said Owaisi and added, “earlier Hindutva forces used to call Muslims ‘Babar ki auladein (children of Babar), now they have graduated to Aurangzeb and after that perhaps they will target us using Tipu Sultan’s name.” He said that there was an environment of “competitive commmunalism” in India.


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