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A First In 755 Years: UK Set To Get Female Lord Chief Justice

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In what will be a first in UK in 755 years, the United Kingdom is all set to get a lady lord chief justice. The 67-year-old Dame Victoria Sharp and 58-year-old Dame Sue Carr are in the race to become the top judge in England and Wales.

The British constitutional law may have to undergo amendments as there is no term as the ‘Lady Chief Justice’ in the British constitutional law, reported The Daily Mail. The position was founded in 1268, and it has been an “all-mail” position so far, with over 100 male but no female ever occupying the post. That is set to change now.

The announcement is expected to be made by Alex Chalk, who is the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, in a fortnight from now.

A panel shortlisted candidates, following which the names will be recommended by the British Prime Minister and Justice Secretary Alex Chalk to the King for final approval.

Either of the candidates will succeed Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett. British local press reports that though Dame Victoria Sharp is the favourite to get the coveted post, observers say anything is possible.


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