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OBC are in distress and Minister is in abroad: Gopichand Padalkar


Mumbai: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Leader Gopichand Padalkar has slammed the state government for not working hard to give reservations to the OBC caste.

Today Supreme Court gave the order in favour of the Madhya Pradesh government to hold local body elections with OBC reservation. On this issue, Padalkar slammed Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government for not making enough effort to fight for the rights of OBCs.

“For last one and half years MVA government was sleeping and they didn’t take any initiative to gather the empirical data. They didn’t even form a Backward Class Commission to gather this data nor did they conduct a triple test which was mandatory for the OBC reservation issue,” said Padalkar.

State Government did try to mislead the people of Maharashtra by creating unnecessary debate over census data and empirical data. The State of MP produce the empirical data hence they got an order in their favour. Every time MVA leaders blamed the Centre government for not giving empirical data, said Padalkar.

In a party meeting called by the MVA government a few months back, the Leader of the opposition Devendra Fadnavis had said that triple test and empirical data are mandatory for OBC reservation. In this meeting, all agreed that they should collect this data but later no initiative was taken by the state government.

“Later this government formed Backward Class Commission but didn’t give them financial help. when this commission started working they took their rights back, which shows that this government was never very serious about OBC reservation,” said Padalkar.

Padalkar also alleged that Sharad Pawar is the brain behind all this due to which OBC is not getting reservations in the state as he doesn’t want to give that. Padalkar this time appealed to the people of Maharashtra that in MP where OBC reservation was granted is because of the BJP government in the state. Hence OBC people of Maharashtra have to wait for BJP to come back to power again.


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