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Nilesh Rane, Son of BJP Leader Narayan Rane, Withdraws from Active Politics

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Nilesh Rane, the son of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Union Minister Narayan Rane, has made a surprising announcement regarding his withdrawal from active politics. In a message posted on the platform “X” (formerly known as Twitter), Rane expressed his decision and his reasons behind it.

“I am stepping aside from active politics and there is no reason other than that I don’t feel like ruling anymore,” Rane stated in his tweet.

Rane, a former Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support he received from the people during 2019-2020. He acknowledged the love he received and considered himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work within the BJP.

In his announcement, Rane shared that he had gained valuable experience in the world of politics and had developed enduring relationships with colleagues who had become like family. He expressed his gratitude to these individuals, emphasizing the significance of their contributions to his life.

Rane clarified that he no longer has any interest in participating in elections and indicated that while there will always be critics, he doesn’t wish to expend his or others’ time addressing their criticisms.

In a thoughtful conclusion to his post, Nilesh Rane extended an apology to anyone who may have faced inconvenience or offense due to any mistakes on his part during his political career.

Nilesh Rane’s decision to step back from active politics has captured attention within political circles and sparked discussions about the future direction of his political journey and the implications for the BJP.


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