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NDA To Zoom Past 300 Seats If General Elections Held Today, INDIA Sees Uptick: Major Takeaways From TV Survey

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Should parliamentary elections take place in the present time, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, would maintain its hold on power with a substantial majority of 306 seats, as indicated by the India Today-CVoter Mood of the Nation (MOTN) survey.

The survey arrives at a pivotal juncture, coinciding with heightened political activity from both the ruling party and the opposition, prompted by the imminent major assembly elections scheduled for the end of this year, followed by the General elections in the first half of 2024.

In response to the formidable election machinery of the BJP, prominent opposition parties have set aside their differences and united. This coalition, known as INDIA, aims to present a unified opposition candidate against the BJP’s nominee on a majority of the constituencies.

Despite the collaborative efforts of the opposition, the current scenario suggests that their impact has been limited. The MOTN survey reveals the NDA’s dominance in the upcoming general elections, with the INDIA alliance trailing as a distant second.


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