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Modi Wants Manipur To Burn, Sitting Shamelessly And Laughing In Parliament: Rahul Gandhi Tears Into PM’s Lok Sabha Speech

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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Friday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of ridiculing Manipur and its women. The Congress leader’s came down heavily on the prime minister during a press conference on Friday.

“The Prime Minister of India is sitting in the Parliament shamelessly and laughing,” Gandhi said at the press conference.

Gandhi said that the prime minister joked and mocked in the Parliament throughout his more than two-hour long speech.

“Yesterday the PM spoke in Parliament for about 2 hours 13 minutes. In the end, he spoke on Manipur for two minutes,” Gandhi noted. “Manipur has been burning for months, people are being killed, rapes are happening but the PM was laughing, cracking jokes.”

He also said that watching PM Modi make ridiculous remarks in the Parliament does not do justice to the post of Indian prime minister.

Accusing PM Modi of wanting Manipur to burn, the Congress leader questioned why the Indian Army was not deployed in the riot-hit state.

“Modi wants to stoke fire in Manipur and not extinguish it,” Gandhi said.

The Army would be able to contain the situation in the state within a day; however, PM Modi did not want to do that, according to Gandhi.

“I have never heard/seen anywhere in India, never been told that if you take this person as a security officer with you, we will put a bullet in his head. I heard it twice in Manipur. That means there is no dialogue in Manipur, there is pure violence taking place in Manipur. The first step is to stop violence and put an end to it…What I mean is that the PM has multiple instruments in his hands, he is not using them. He is not doing anything and he is laughing,” Gandhi said.


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