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Many people are trying to beat me in the game, says Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

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In a video message presented during an event graced by chess grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde expressed his unyielding confidence and public trust while alluding to his political adversaries. Shinde cleverly remarked that despite concerted efforts by opponents to outmaneuver him over the past year, their aspirations have consistently eluded fruition. He emphasized the enduring support of the people as his strategic advantage, asserting that while opponents might employ intricate tactics, his position remains fortified.

Drawing parallels to the intricate nature of chess, Shinde conveyed that the political arena demands simultaneous engagement in multiple battles. He likened political maneuvering to the diverse movements of chess pieces, with some employing subtle diagonal shifts akin to a camel’s movement, while others strategically emulate the agility of horses and elephants, all in pursuit of political checkmate.

Shinde further underscored the significance of strategic thinking by likening contemporary leaders to chess players, highlighting the necessity of employing calculated moves to outmaneuver opponents. He proudly recalled a political revolution from the preceding year, an achievement that earned him and his compatriots the moniker of “grandmasters of politics.”

In paying tribute to his late mentor and esteemed Shiv Sena leader, Anand Dighe, Shinde aptly bestowed the title of “grandmaster of Thane” upon him, acknowledging his profound influence on the political landscape.


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