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‘Manipur Incident Has Shamed 140 Cr Indians, Guilty Won’t Be Spared’: PM Modi Ahead Of Parliament Session Commencement (WATCH)

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking ahead of the Monsoon session of the Parliament which gets underway from Thursday (July 20), broke his silence on the violence in Manipur and termed the disturbing video which showed two Kuki women paraded naked by a mob and molested by the crowd, as an “insult to 140 crore people of India.” The Prime Minister said that he was full of “pain and anger” over the incident and instructed CMs of every state including Manipur to ensure the safety of women in their respective states. The Prime Minister also said that the incident has shamed the entire nation.

“My heart is filled with pain and anger over the incident in Manipur. The whole nation has been dishonoured. I urge all CMs to use the constitution and its law to ensure the safety of our mothers and sisters. Be it an issue in Rajastan, Chattisgarh, Manipur, or any other corner in the country, the constitution and law is over and above political intersts. I promise all citizens that no accused will be spared. What has happened with the daughters in Manipur is absolutely unforgivable,” said PM Modi.

The state of Manipur has seen violence since May 3 after conflict broke out between the Meitei and Kuki community members. Widespread violence and arson has been reported from the state ever since the ethnic conflicts broke out. However, the May 4 video showing sexual violence and humiliation of the Kuki women paraded naked in Kangpokpi has sent shockwaves across the country.


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