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Maharashtra Police Book MSRDC MD’s Son and Accomplices for Assaulting Social Media Influencer

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A shocking incident involving the son of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation’s managing director, Anil Gaikwad, has led to police action in Thane. An assault case has been filed against Ashwajit Gaikwad, along with his friend and driver, following a complaint by 26-year-old Priya Singh, a social media influencer and co-owner of a Thane-based beauty salon.

Singh’s complaint, lodged at the Kasarvadavli police station, detailed a harrowing sequence of events during a party at Courtyard in Ovla, Thane, on December 11. She alleged that upon arriving at the party, Gaikwad was seen with another woman, purportedly his wife, and refused to engage with her. Matters escalated when Gaikwad’s friend, Romil Patil, verbally abused Singh. When she implored Gaikwad to intervene, he purportedly assaulted her, including slapping, strangling, and biting her hand.

Disturbingly, Singh reported that as she approached the car to retrieve her belongings, Gaikwad allegedly instructed his driver to run her over, resulting in severe injuries including a fractured bone in her right leg. Gaikwad’s driver allegedly warned Singh against filing a complaint while transporting her to the hospital.

In a social media post and her formal complaint, Singh’s elder sister, Akanksha Singh, accused Gaikwad and his associates of attempting to murder her sister. Expressing dismay over the police registering the incident as an accident, she raised concerns about potential preferential treatment due to Gaikwad’s familial ties.

Akanksha disclosed that Priya had been in a relationship with Gaikwad for over four years, unaware of his marriage until recently. Despite learning of his marital status and intending to leave, Gaikwad allegedly resorted to violence, causing severe harm.

The incident has raised questions about the handling of the case and invoked allegations of special treatment due to Gaikwad’s familial connections. The victim’s family seeks justice for the heinous assault, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action against the accused.

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