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LoP Ajit Pawar condemns police action on protestors and media at Barsu Refinery site in Ratnagiri

Pawar advocates right to peaceful protests, calls for stopping of survey till the issue is resolved through dialogue.

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Mumbai: Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Ajit Pawar on Tuesday condemned the police action against protestors opposing the Barsu Refinery project in Ratnagiri district.

Reacting to the news of police action against the protestors and high-handed (Muskatdabi) action against the media covering the incident, the senior Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader remarked “Instead of arresting protesters and threatening journalists. Treat issues sensitively from a human perspective. In a democracy everyone has the right to peaceful protest, the state government should respect the interests and sentiments of the protestors.”

Condemning the use of force, Pawar urged the government that the survey should be stopped until the issue is not resolved through dialogue. He added that he was in touch with the protestors and trying to find a way out.

The local Bhoomiputras (sons of the soil) protesting against the Barsu refinery survey in Ratnagiri, the journalists covering the protest are being harassed by the police.  Protesters are being arrested.  Journalists are being threatened.  Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Ajit Pawar has strongly condemned this intimidation by the administration.

Pawar argued that everyone has the right to protest in a peaceful way in a democratic system and the state government should respect the sentiments of the protesters, stop police repression and handle this protest sensitively from a human perspective.  The NCP has always taken the stance in favour of development, but the development should be done with trust in all. 

The interests and rights of the local landowners should be protected.  Doubts in the minds of the locals should be taken into confidence.  Instead of oppressing the local villagers, youth, women by the police, the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister should take the initiative to find a way through coordination and dialogue. 


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