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Light Diyas At Home But Hold Your Visit: PM Modi Urges Public to Avoid Ayodhya on Jan 22 for Ram Mandir Inauguration

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent plea to the nation to avoid crowding Ayodhya on January 22 for the inauguration of the Ram Temple resonates with a profound message of patience, respect, and collective responsibility. Addressing the public with folded hands, PM Modi urged citizens to allow the event to unfold smoothly before planning visits, emphasizing the logistical challenges and security concerns in accommodating everyone.

In his humble appeal, PM Modi underscored the historical significance of the occasion, urging devotees to exercise patience, highlighting that the temple is a timeless symbol that will stand for centuries, welcoming visitors beyond the inauguration day. His words carry the weight of a shared sentiment—urging respect for the sanctity of the ceremony and ensuring the temple management faces no inconveniences due to overcrowding.

While inaugurating the Maharshi Valmiki Airport in Ayodhya and various developmental projects, PM Modi extended encouragement to the residents to aspire to make Ayodhya the cleanest city in the nation. He emphasized the city’s future as a destination for countless visitors and called for a collective effort in maintaining its cleanliness.

What stood out in PM Modi’s address was his inclusive vision for all temples across India. Ahead of the Ram Temple inauguration, he urged a nationwide cleanliness campaign, aligning an 8-day drive from January 14 to Makar Sankranti. His call resonates with the idea that Lord Ram transcends boundaries and his imminent arrival should inspire cleanliness in every corner where his name is revered.

This call for cleanliness aligns with the Prime Minister’s broader vision of a Swachh Bharat (Clean India) and emphasizes the collective responsibility to maintain the sanctity of spaces of worship across the nation.

As the anticipation builds for this historic moment, Prime Minister Modi’s words echo the need for reverence, patience, and a collective commitment to preserving the sanctity of this auspicious event. His call for cleanliness not only resonates with the inauguration but extends to the larger vision of a clean and respectful India, echoing the spirit of unity and shared responsibility.


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