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Jayant Patil Takes Aim at Devendra Fadnavis’ Letter Regarding Nawab Malik’s Induction, Calls It Public Explanation

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Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Jayant Patil took a critical stance on Thursday regarding Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ letter opposing Nawab Malik’s inclusion in the ruling alliance. Patil described Fadnavis’ letter as an attempt to offer a public “explanation” to the people of Maharashtra.

In a satirical remark aimed at Fadnavis, Patil highlighted the communication gap between the deputy CMs, suggesting that if necessary, such matters should have been discussed privately instead of resorting to written correspondence. He insinuated that the letter might have been a government tactic to justify the NCP’s split to the public, particularly concerning Malik’s induction into the ruling alliance.

Adding to the criticism, NCP (Ajit Pawar faction) MLC Amol Mitkari echoed Patil’s sentiments, emphasizing that conveying such concerns should have been done in person rather than through a public letter. Mitkari emphasized that given the letter’s circulation, Deputy CM Ajit Pawar would respond to it appropriately regarding the matter of Nawab Malik’s induction.

The NCP leaders’ remarks reflect discontent with the public nature of Fadnavis’ communication, suggesting a preference for private dialogue over publicized letters regarding internal matters within the ruling alliance.

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