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IMC Maharashtra Forum brings together industry and political leaders

Young politicians Jaykumar Rawal, Aaditi Tatkare, Rohit Pawar, Vishwajit Kadam, Rahul Kul and Bunty Bhangadia share business space at IMC Forum.

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Mumbai: IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IMC-CCI), also known as Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC), held its first meeting of the industry-political forum it has formed comprising eminent political leaders and business leaders of Maharashtra as its members.

The IMC Maharashtra Forum established by IMC as a non-partisan think tank with representations from across party lines and industry leaders from diverse sectors has overall sustainable and inclusive growth of Maharashtra as an overarching objective.

Though IMC has membership from pan-India, the membership base is predominantly from Maharashtra and since its inception, the Chamber has been working closely with the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) for decades for promoting industrial and economic development of the state. It even had its representatives in the state legislature before independence.

Given this background, IMC thought it appropriate to establish a formal forum consisting of representatives of the state and IMC in order to ensure a continuous liaison and dialogue with the state government on matters and issues related to economic and social well-being of the state.

The first meeting of the Forum was attended by Jaykumar Rawal, Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and Chairman of the Forum representing political membership and his fellow Members of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Aaditi Tatkare, Rohit Pawar, Vishwajit Kadam, Rahul Kul and Bunty Bhangadia. Each of them gave very valuable suggestions about issues that the Forum can take up.

In his opening remarks, Jaykumar Rawal emphasized the need and importance for both industry and state leaders to work together to chart a roadmap for overall prosperity of the state and this forum by IMC is a step in the right direction. The forum should work as a think tank and give suggestions, prepare white papers on important issues. He added that when it comes to the well-being of the state, the political leaders across all party lines are always willing to work together setting aside other political agenda.

Anant Singhania of JK Enterprise and President, IMC welcomed the members and gave an overview of IMC and its more than a century-old legacy towards working for nation building.

In his opening remarks, Rajiv Podar of Podar Enterprise, Past President IMC and Chairman of the Forum representing industry members thanked all members for consenting immediately to be part of this forum and added that he was very happy to see enthusiasm amongst our dynamic young political leaders to work towards our common goal – To make Maharashtra the No 1 state in all counts. He added the Forum aims to provide a platform to discuss issues and views of Business and Political Leaders and provide concrete solutions for the overall growth of the state.

The Forum decided to meet regularly and discuss ways to make Maharashtra the economic backbone of the country as was rightly mentioned by Samir Somaiya of Somaiya Education Trust and Vice President of IMC in his concluding remarks that the objective should be to work towards ease of doing business to attract investment and towards a 1 trillion-dollar state economy.


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