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Health Setback for Maratha Agitation Leader Manoj Jarange-Patil

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Manoj Jarange-Patil, a prominent figure in the Maratha agitation, faced a health setback during a public gathering in Ambajogai. While addressing a large assembly at Makni-Karajgaon, Jarange-Patil suddenly experienced weakness, prompting him to sit down on the stage. He was swiftly admitted to Thorat Hospital in Beed district, where he received a diagnosis indicating health issues related to diabetes.

Despite medical advice to prioritize rest and recuperation, Jarange-Patil, currently engaged in rallying support for Maratha reservation, is reportedly adamant about continuing his scheduled activities.

Earlier, Jarange-Patil had issued an ultimatum to the Maharashtra government, demanding the inclusion of Marathas within the OBC Kunbi Caste category for reservation by December 24. In the event of non-compliance, he has expressed intentions to spearhead a Mumbai siege, escalating the ongoing agitation for Maratha reservation.

This development in Jarange-Patil’s health adds a layer of concern to the ongoing agitation, raising questions about the intensifying nature of the movement and the determination of its key leaders despite health challenges. The situation remains tense as the deadline approaches, potentially signaling heightened activism in pursuit of Maratha community quotas within the OBC framework.

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