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Gopichand Padalkar Accuses NCP Chief Sharad Pawar of Suppressing Movements in Maharashtra

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In a series of fervent allegations, BJP MLC and prominent ‘Dhangar’ community leader, Gopichand Padalkar, has accused NCP Chief Sharad Pawar of stifling movements in Maharashtra and specifically undermining the Republican Party of India, originally established by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The allegations have been made during Padalkar’s ongoing rallies advocating for reservation rights for the ‘Dhangar’ community, during which he consistently targets the Pawar family.

Speaking in Vizori village, Solapur, Padalkar claimed that Sharad Pawar, during his political career, actively obstructed the growth of movements and political parties in the state, including the Republican Party of India. He emphasized that Dr. B.R. Ambedkar himself had played a pivotal role in founding the party.

Furthermore, Padalkar alleged that Sharad Pawar targeted the ‘Dhangar agitation,’ which had gained significant momentum at one point. The ‘Dhangar’ community, according to Padalkar, is still grappling with unresolved issues related to their rights due to these past actions.

During his speech in Vizori village, Padalkar called upon members of the ‘Dhangar’ community to stand against what he referred to as the ‘STD’—a term used to denote individuals suppressing their rights. In this context, ‘STD’ stands for ‘Saheb’ (referring to Sharad Pawar), ‘Tai’ (Supriya Sule), and ‘Dada’ (Ajit Pawar), designating key figures in the NCP party. He encouraged the community to take a stand against those they believe are inhibiting their progress.

Gopichand Padalkar’s allegations and the rhetoric used during his rallies reflect the intense political climate in Maharashtra and the ongoing discussions about social and political movements in the state. Sharad Pawar and the NCP are prominent figures in the state’s political landscape, and such allegations may further contribute to the political discourse in the region.


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