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Ghaziabad: Massive sex racket busted at spa centres in Pacific Mall; 69 girls & 31 boys taken into custody

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The Uttar Pradesh Police recently launched a comprehensive crackdown on spa centers operating within Pacific Mall in Ghaziabad. The operation resulted in the arrest of 100 individuals from nine spa therapy centres. The police have charged them with running a sex racket under the guise of spa services. Investigations have revealed the involvement of both local and foreign girls in this illicit trade. The police are currently conducting further inquiries into the matter.

The arrests include 69 girls and 31 boys, all suspected of participating in a sex racket operating under the façade of spa services. The police have taken serious legal action against these individuals, emphasizing the gravity of their alleged offenses.

As the investigations unfolded, it came to light that the sex trade conducted by the spa centres extended beyond the involvement of girls from the Delhi-NCR region and neighbouring Uttarakhand. Shockingly, the police discovered the participation of foreign girls in this illicit business.

Consequently, several foreign girls were taken into custody during the operation in Pacific Mall. The inclusion of girls from foreign countries further underscores the magnitude and international dimension of the sex racket.


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