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Everything that happens in one’s life is for a reason, lessons and growth that you experience are never spontaneous

By: Shah Khursheed


Srinagar: Meeting people is never an accident. Someone can’t walk in and out of your life without any reason. Lessons and growth that you experience are never spontaneous. It’s always meant to be. Don’t take things for granted, everything possesses a purpose and an end beyond you and me. Which we will never know until we reach it. So, I want you to stop treating your experiences as casual or random occurrences.

We know that a human brain possesses 2.5 petabytes (1024 terabytes) or more than two million gigabytes of memory. You know that every human brain shows an average cranial capacity of around 1400- 1500 cc. No doubt there is no difference in cranial capacity, but for sure there are differences in behaviours, patterns of thinking and understanding. People defend hardships according to their potential and share responsibilities as per their potential. So, what really kills your performance are the “fear of failure” and its side kick “doubt”

What can really help you to grow in this situation are people living around you. Something that helps you really, that teaches you important lessons.

Think about it in a world consisting of over 7.53 billion people, each capable of teaching you something. Give it a thought deeply. If people perceive you as difficult, they are feeling negative about you. You must break the cycle of negative thoughts thereby being more constructive and zestful.

Of course, there will be hurdles with every challenge. But when you are positive you will find a way over or around those obstacles. You truly know that people are not clones of one another. People have different qualities, skills and challenges. You cannot weigh people on equal quantities of battle or equal opportunities, people are unlike. Everyone deserves assessment of warmth, care and humanity, but remember everyone is alike then another. They shouldn’t be treated the same.

The problem is, we always use to treat people as per our vision of analysing things and perception. I remember one of the famous theories which may help you to understand this concept well is “We” vs “Them” where you put yourself at the safest point and others at the endpoint or reason for the problem.

In reality we grow by holding others. Different people have different challenges and situations in which they are living. We need to treat people according to the gravity of the situation. You have to make the choice to break away from those things, learn from people and stand tall. The choice always has been and always will be yours.

Love people and respect every caliber they possess; they are created by the creator, not by people. Hold each other’s hand to make this society a better place to live, where there will be no chance of hate.

Be the reason someone smiles today.

About the author: Shah Khursheed is an undergraduate multimedia and mass communication student at GDC Baramulla. The writer can be reached at:  shahkhursheed918@gmail.com


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