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Emotional Moment at Hyderabad Rally as PM Modi Comforts Madiga Leader

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A heartfelt moment unfolded during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign rally in Hyderabad on Saturday, capturing the attention of the nation. In a poignant video that has since gone viral, Prime Minister Modi was seen offering solace to Manda Krishna Madiga, the chief of Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti (MRPS), who became visibly emotional during the public gathering.

In the touching footage, Madiga, a prominent leader of the Madiga community, broke down in tears while seated beside PM Modi. Responding with empathy, the Prime Minister embraced him, gently patting his head, and holding his hand, providing reassurance and expressing solidarity during the emotional moment.

Addressing the gathered crowd, Prime Minister Modi reiterated the government’s commitment to the welfare of all citizens, emphasizing the motto ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’. He reached out to the Madiga community, acknowledging historical grievances and expressing a commitment to rectify past injustices.

“Dear brothers and sisters of the Madiga community, I have not come here to ask something from you. Since independence, several political leaders and parties promised and betrayed you. As a political leader, I have come here to make amends for the sins committed by them,” said PM Modi during his speech at the rally.

As the state gears up for critical polls in less than 10 days, political parties are intensifying their efforts to sway voters. Prime Minister Modi, in his address, tagged both BRS and Congress as ‘anti-Dalit’, highlighting their alleged disregard for the welfare of marginalized communities.

“CBS is anti-Dalit, and Congress is just like them. They have the mentality to rule the people, while BJP is dedicated to serving the people,” PM Modi declared, accusing the opposition of playing divisive games behind the curtains.

He further criticized the Telangana government, alleging betrayal of the Madiga community. “In this 10 years, the Telangana government has only betrayed everyone, including the Madiga community. Congress put hurdles when Telangana was about to be formed, but when it was formed, BRS leaders forgot you people and thanked Congress leaders,” PM Modi asserted, addressing the promises made during the agitation for Telangana’s formation.

As the political landscape intensifies, these emotional moments and strong political statements are likely to impact the discourse leading up to the state polls.


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