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Elaborate Security Arrangements Set for New Year’s Eve in Mumbai

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Satyanarayan Chaudhary, the Joint Commissioner of Police, Law & Order, Mumbai, has affirmed the meticulous preparations and extensive security measures planned for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city.

In a statement issued, Chaudhary emphasized the deployment of a significant number of police personnel to ensure the safety and security of Mumbai. Approximately 2,000 police officers and 13,000 policemen are set to be stationed across pivotal locations in the city.

Moreover, to augment surveillance, Mumbai’s crucial areas will be closely monitored through a comprehensive network of Closed-Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs). This strategic utilization of technology aims to bolster the vigilance and ensure a proactive response to any untoward incidents.

Chaudhary underscored the collaborative efforts with hotel proprietors, urging strict adherence to government-mandated guidelines and protocols. The Mumbai police have actively communicated and encouraged hotel owners to comply with prescribed norms to maintain public safety during the celebratory period.

The comprehensive security arrangements orchestrated by the Mumbai police signal a proactive stance in safeguarding citizens and visitors alike as the city gears up to welcome the New Year.

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