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Discriminatory Office Rejection Sparks Outrage; BJP Leader Pankaja Munde Shares Personal Experience

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In the eastern suburbs of Mulund, a disturbing incident has ignited widespread outrage as a Gujarati individual reportedly refused to provide office space to Trupti Devarukhkar solely based on her Marathi identity. The incident has drawn condemnation from various political leaders who are calling for an end to such discriminatory practices.

Among those expressing their dismay is Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Pankaja Munde. In a video posted on her social media account, Munde shared her thoughts on the incident, stating, “After watching a video of the girl from Mulund, I felt like expressing these feelings…”

Munde went on to highlight the larger issue of discrimination in today’s society, both politically and socially, despite the progress made in terms of infrastructure and amenities. She expressed concern about the divisive nature of current discourse, where people are divided along various lines, including political affiliations represented by different colors.

“The fight for reservations is going on. People from different communities… some are shaving their heads, some are agitating. Seeing all this, it pierces the heart. At the same time, people have been divided on the basis of colors. Green, saffron, yellow, blue. Having seen all these colors, sometimes it feels that if we shake these colors together on a wheel, what appears in the end is the white color. It is the color of peace. I am waiting for the day when this color of peace spreads across our country,” said Pankaja Munde.

Regarding the specific incident in Mulund, Munde expressed deep sympathy for the Marathi girl who faced rejection based on her language and identity. She emphasized that throughout her political career, she has refrained from engaging in discussions with undertones of casteism or religious bias and has always advocated for unity and inclusivity.

Munde shared her own personal experience, revealing that when she had to find a home after leaving government accommodations, she faced similar discrimination in many places. She recalled encountering people who explicitly stated that they would not provide homes to Marathi people.

“I don’t take sides with any particular language. The beauty of Mumbai lies in its diversity, where every language and religion coexist. This city is an economic capital of our country. That’s why everyone is welcome here. However, it’s unfortunate that if someone speaks this way in some buildings,” Munde expressed.

In conclusion, she called for an end to such discrimination, urging people to come together and embrace diversity. She emphasized that Mumbai’s true essence lies in its inclusivity and appealed for unity beyond language, religion, region, and caste.


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