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Delhi LG approves with riders city govt’s proposal to send teachers to Finland for training

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Delhi Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena has approved the city government’s proposal to send primary teachers of state-run schools to Finland for training, officials said on Saturday.

The LG’s office has had run-ins with the government over several issues, including its scheme for sending school teachers abroad for training.

In his approval, Saxena noted that there was refusal by the Arvind Kejriwal government to bring on record the “impact assessment of the foreign training programmes conducted in the past”, they said.

“Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena has approved the education department’s proposal for training programme of primary in-charges in Finland. Taking the approach of equitable benefit for all, the LG has increased the number of primary in-charges, who were to proceed to Finland for training, from 52 to 87 so as to ensure equal representation of primary in-charges from all 29 administrative zones of the education department,” an official from the LG’s office said.

“With this, 87 primary in-charges – three in-charges from each of the 29 administrative zones – will be selected for the training programme, as against the 52 primary in-charges who were arbitrarily selected by the government,” the official said.

The issue triggered a war of words between the LG’s office and the government, with the AAP dispensation accusing Saxena of “interfering” in the government’s work.


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