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Civil Aviation Ministry Urges Airlines to Self-Monitor Surge Pricing on Certain Air Routes Amid Odisha Tragedy

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In an hour-long meeting held with the Airlines Advisory Group, the Civil Aviation ministry on Monday expressed concerns regarding recent reports of abnormal surge pricing on specific air routes. The ministry emphasised the importance of self-monitoring airfares by airlines, particularly on select routes that have witnessed a significant increase in prices lately, specifically those previously serviced by Go First.

To address this issue and ensure reasonable pricing within the high Reservation Booking Designators (RBDs), the ministry has proposed the development of a mechanism for airlines to devise and implement monitoring measures. This mechanism will be closely monitored by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), ensuring fair and reasonable fares for passengers.

Furthermore, the ministry highlighted the need for airlines to exercise caution in pricing air tickets during calamities or accidents like the one in Odisha, keeping in mind the humanitarian situation there. The airlines were advised to closely monitor and control any surge in ticket prices to and from regions affected by such unfortunate events.

In light of the recent Odisha train tragedy, the ministry also urged airlines to extend support to the affected families. As per the ministry’s directive, airlines have been advised to provide free carriage (cargo) services to the families of the deceased, offering assistance in this challenging time.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation said it remains committed to ensuring fair pricing practices and maintaining the welfare of passengers during critical situations. The implementation of self-monitoring measures and the provision of support to affected families aim to address concerns raised by recent incidents and promote a more compassionate and responsible approach within the aviation industry.


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