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Candle Light March to protest against killing of Rajni Bala held in Handwara


Srinagar: India is a land of cultural and ethnic diversity flourishing together hand in hand, which is well known around the globe. However, at certain times, a bunch of people create circumstances owing to their actions which try to divide this unity in diversity and Kashmir has been the filthy playground for these terrorists’ organisation to hurt the secular sovereignty of our great nation.

One such incident has come to light yet once again, wherein the terrorists in their cowardly act killed an innocent non-combatant Rajni Bala, who was teaching in a backward school of Kulgam. The lady was doing her noble duty away from her home, these terrorists targeted her in the school itself which is considered to be holy for all teachers and students.

According to her Muslim colleagues, Rajni Bala was a dedicated and disciplined teacher who used to fulfil her duty with utmost sincerity and loved her students which was equally reciprocated by her students.

Killing of the minority community has invited wide scale resentment from the Kashmiri community across the valley. Almost every Kashmiri has condemned this act of cowardice and stood up for Rajni Bala, who herself was on a duty to educate Kashmiri children.

Continuing with the resentment across the valley Candle light marches in solidarity with Rajni Bala were organised at all the locations of Villgam Battalion area wherein people from Jaba (Upper Rajwar), Magam Block, Taratpora Block and Ramhall Block participated in huge strength. In today’s event a total of about 453 individuals expressed their resentment against the targeted killing by the terrorist organisation.


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