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BJP MP Manoj Kotak organises 5 km road race in Mumbai’s Powai area


BJP MP Manoj Kotak on Saturday organised ‘Khasdar Powai Marathon’ in Mumbai’s Powai area. Huge number of people participated in 5km long run.

“Sporting events such as the marathon teach values like grit, tenacity, excellence, perseverance, belief, commitment and passion. Marathons and running play a key role in achieving fitness because everyone can pursue running”, said organiser BJP MP Manoj Kotak mentioned.

“The Marathon is exemplary in the way it showcases the coming together of an entire city and government and services machinery to make it all happen seamlessly”, he concluded.

As the climate is hot and humid in the city, MP Manoj Kotak made sure that water, medical personnel and systems, energy drinks, orange and salt for runners, timing mats, toilets and many more course facilities are available for those who are participants.

Also, at the end of the race ALL runners are fed a hot breakfast. Managing all these aspects in a green and 100% waste-managed environment has been an achievement that we are proud of.


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