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Amit Shah Accuses Congress of Neglecting OBCs, Credits Modi for Development Efforts

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah made scathing remarks in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, accusing the Congress party of inflicting the “greatest harm” on the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) over the years. Shah asserted that the Congress has failed to prioritize the welfare of OBCs while highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relentless efforts towards their overall development.

During a debate in the Lok Sabha on the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Bill and the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill, Shah emphatically stated that Prime Minister Modi’s background, emerging from humble beginnings to ascend to the highest office in the country, grants him a profound understanding of the struggles faced by backward classes and the impoverished.

Shah vehemently criticized the opposition party, specifically targeting the Congress, alleging that it has been responsible for impeding the progress of backward classes and hindering their growth. He reiterated that the Congress’s actions have caused significant setbacks to the OBC communities over the years.

The Home Minister’s impassioned remarks underscored the government’s commitment to uplifting and empowering marginalized communities, with Shah asserting Prime Minister Modi’s proactive role in spearheading initiatives aimed at the comprehensive development of OBCs.

Shah’s statements further intensify the political discourse, emphasizing contrasting perspectives on the treatment of OBCs by different political entities, while positioning the current government’s efforts as a proactive drive towards the advancement and welfare of these communities.

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