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Amidst Truckers’ Strike, States Assert Ample Fuel Stock, Assuage Public Fears

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As truck drivers’ protests escalate across western and northern India, concerns about fuel shortages have prompted widespread panic-buying at petrol pumps. However, several states and cities have stepped forward to allay these fears, emphasizing that adequate stocks of petrol and diesel are available at various terminals.

Reports circulating on Tuesday indicated widespread shortages at nearly 2,000 petrol pumps, primarily in western and northern regions, exacerbating concerns over dwindling fuel reserves as the truckers’ strike entered its second day.

Senior officials from Punjab swiftly moved to reassure the public, affirming that the state boasts ample reserves of petrol and diesel, urging citizens not to succumb to panic. Gurkirat Kirpal Singh, Punjab’s Home Secretary, revealed that despite a daily consumption of 4,100 KL of petrol, the state currently harbors about 22,600 KL across petrol pumps, with regular replenishment in the offing.

Similarly, Singh highlighted that while daily diesel consumption amounts to 10,000 KL, the existing stock at filling stations stands at over 30,000 KL, supported by an additional 90,000 KL at various terminals. He assured a seamless supply chain, underscoring the continuous flow of petroleum products from refineries to terminals via connected pipelines.

Addressing media reports pinpointing acute shortages at select filling stations, Singh clarified that uneven distribution often leads to localized shortages, assuring that this imbalance doesn’t reflect a systemic shortfall.

In Hoshiarpur, District Collector Komal Mittal echoed these sentiments, citing reassurances from the Petrol Pumps Association that the strike would soon conclude. Mittal confirmed that refueling tankers were en route to replenish all 240 pumps in the district by the night, emphasizing an imminent end to the scarcity.

In Kashmir, Divisional Commissioner VK Bidhuri calmed anxieties by stating the Valley possesses substantial reserves—21 days’ worth of diesel and 24 days’ worth of petrol at their depots—alongside a surplus of over 20 days’ LPG stock.

However, contrasting statements surfaced from the Jammu and Kashmir Fuel Station Owners’ Association, citing an imminent crisis as 90% of petrol pumps in Jammu faced dry-out, anticipating complete exhaustion within hours. This predicament arose due to the strike affecting 1,500 fuel-laden tankers bound for the Union territory and Ladakh.

Amidst this dichotomy in reports, state officials across regions are working to address concerns, ensuring a steady supply of fuel to assuage the public’s apprehensions during these turbulent times of protest-induced disruptions in transportation.

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