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Air India Express flight makes emergency landing at Cochin airport; brief emergency declared

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A full emergency was declared briefly at the Cochin International Airport here Sunday evening as an Air India Express flight from Sharjah experienced suspected hydraulic failure during landing, a CIAL spokesperson said.

All 183 passengers and six crew members onboard flight IX 412 were safe, an Air India Express spokesperson said.

A full emergency was declared at the international airport at 8.04 PM, the CIAL said, but added no runway was blocked or flights were diverted.

The emergency was withdrawn at 8.36 PM and air operations were declared normal, the CIAL added.

An Air India Express spokesperson said later in a statement that it was a normal landing at the scheduled arrival time (8.34PM) and no urgency or emergency call was made by the pilot to the Air Traffic Control (ATC).

The spokesperson also clarified the Sharjah-Kochi route, did not make an emergency landing.

The pilot had noticed a fluctuation in the Hydraulic Pressure System and informed the ATC as a precautionary measure, he said.

The Air India Express spokesperson also said that following a normal landing in Kochi, the flight system was also checked and no anomalies were detected.


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