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‘Why It Took 14 Days For Cops To Register FIR?’: SC Comes Down Hard On Centre, State Govt In Manipur Video Case

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“The incident of two women being paraded naked came to light on May 4, then why did it take 14 days for the Manipur police to register the FIR”, a SC bench led by CJI Chandrachud asked on Monday.

During the proceedings of the case filed by two women victims, who were paraded naked and raped, the Supreme Court (SC) inquired the Centre and the state government about the nature of legal assistance being offered to the victims. Moreover, the court sought information on the current count of individuals arrested in connection with the case.

What the police were doing and why the FIR was transferred to the magisterial court on June 24, the Apex Court questioned.

“Inform us how many zero FIRs have been registered in Manipur,” the SC said.

“We would also want to know the package for rehabilitation being provided to the state for affected people,” the bench added.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court described the incident of the women being handed over by the police as “horrendous,” expressing its disapproval of Manipur police handling the case. The court asserted its preference for an alternative approach.

Solicitor general of India Tushar Mehta, reacting to it, said, “Union of India has no objection if SC monitors investigation.”

The Supreme Court also urged the development of comprehensive mechanisms to address violence against women in conflict-affected Manipur. The SC, while stressing that time is running for us, “there is a great need to have a healing touch in the state.”

On July 27, the Central Government apprised the Supreme Court that it has transferred the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), emphasizing its “zero tolerance towards any crimes against women.”

In an affidavit filed by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) through its secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla, the MHA also requested the top court to relocate the trial outside Manipur to ensure a time-bound conclusion of the proceedings. Up to this point, seven individuals have been arrested in connection with the case.


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