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Watch: 2 commuters blocking local train door thrashed by passengers at the busy Diva station

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A group of passengers thrashed two commuters after they blocked the door of a local train at the busy Diva station in Thane district which comes under the Mumbai suburban network, officials said on Thursday.

A video of the incident, which took place earlier this week, went viral on social media platforms.

The clip, shot by some passengers, showed the ugly brawl when a local train heading towards Karjat stopped at Diva station.

In the video, some people on a platform were seen pulling out two commuters standing at the door of the train. The angry people kicked and thrashed the two commuters and also hit them with shoes, while some passengers were seen trying to save them.

Lata Argade, a passenger activist, said the scuffle among passengers was “unfortunate” and the railway and state authorities should be blamed for not providing adequate trains and infrastructure for the suburban areas.

A official from Thane Government Railway Police, under whose jurisdiction Diva station falls, said since nobody came forward to file a complaint, no case has been registered so far.

A Railway Protection Force officer told PTI that before the fight at the station, there was an incident of alarm chain pulling on the Karjat-bound local, hence they have registered a case in that context.

Local trains are considered as the lifeline of Mumbai and neighbouring areas. It is one of the busiest suburban railway network.

Nearly 75 lakh commuters travel daily on Mumbai’s local trains.


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