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Verbal Sparring Between Ambadas Danve and Sandipan Bhumre Erupts in Aurangabad Meeting

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Clash Erupts Between Aurangabad Guardian Minister Sandipan Bhumre and Maharashtra Legislative Council Opposition Leader Ambadas Danve Over Fund Distribution Parity

Aurangabad, Monday – Tensions flared during a meeting convened at the district collector’s office as Aurangabad’s guardian minister, Sandipan Bhumre, and Ambadas Danve, the leader of the opposition in the Maharashtra legislative council, engaged in a heated verbal exchange. The disagreement centered around the equitable allocation of funds.

Bhumre is aligned with the Shiv Sena faction led by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, whereas Danve remains a devoted loyalist to Uddhav Thackeray.

The dispute unfolded in the presence of legislators from the Aurangabad district during a session of the district planning committee. The incident was captured on video and has since gained widespread attention.

The viral footage captures Danve’s demand for a transparent breakdown of fund distribution according to talukas (sub-district administrative divisions). He emphasized that the role of the guardian minister should not be treated as a personal possession, referring to it as more than just a “jagir” (private estate). Bhumre countered by asserting, “Indeed, it is our ‘jagir’ now.”

Speaking to reporters following the meeting, Danve underlined the need to voice concerns if a minister regards the guardian minister post as their exclusive domain. He noted that this sentiment was shared by legislators from the ruling parties – Shiv Sena, BJP, and NCP – as well as ministers Atul Save and Abdul Sattar.


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