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UK Nurse Guilty Of Killing 7 Babies Sent Shocking Messages To Co-Workers At British Hospital; Read Excerpts

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In a chilling crime reported from a British hospital, a neonatal nurse was found guilty of putting seven babies to death and attempting to kill six others. Identified as 33-year-old ‘killer’ nurse ‘Lucy Letby’ has been charged with the murder of five male kids and two female infants during the days of her medical service at the Countess of Chester Hospital in northwest England between 2015 and 2016.

According to reports, Lucy was accused of deliberately harming the newborn infants in several ways, including air injection into their bloodstreams, administering air/milk via nasogastric tubes into their stomachs, and poisoning the babies with insulin.

Amidst the legal procedure that is underway in the matter, her chats with colleagues termed ‘disturbing and concerning’ have surfaced online. They reportedly have served as a piece of crucial evidence against her. The messages sent to co-workers following the killings and addressing her work and shift patterns are shocking and nail-biting. The conversations were accessed and reported by international news media.

Dad was on the floor crying, saying please don’t take our baby away when I took him to the mortuary, it’s just heart-breaking. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

I just keep thinking about Mon (death of Child A). Feel like I need to be in (room) 1 to overcome it… to get the image out of my head. It probably sounds odd but it’s how I feel.

The same day, minutes before the death of the child: Only those who saw him know what image I have in my head.

I just keep seeing them both. No one should have to see & do the things we do. It’s heart-breaking. But it’s not about me. We learn to deal with it. It’s not about me or anyone else, it’s those poor parents who have to walk away without their baby.

On a day to day basis it’s an incredible job with so many positives. But sometimes I think, how do such sick babies get through & others just die so suddenly and unexpectedly? Guess it’s how it’s meant to be… I think there is an element of fate involved. There is a reason for everything.

Wonder if he (Child F) has an endocrine problem then. Hope they can get to bottom of it. On way home from salsa. Feel better now I’ve been out.

I said goodbye to (Child E and F’s parents) as (Child F) might go tomorrow. They both cried & hugged me saying they will never be able to thank me for the love & care I gave to (Child E) & for the precious memories I’ve given them. It’s heart-breaking.

I just feel sad that they are thanking me when they have lost him & for something that any of us would have done. But it’s really nice to know that I got it right for them. That’s all I want.

Need to try and sort off duty as working the Wed before your wedding when wanted whole week off to help you. Can’t believe it’s a month away!!! X

October 23, 2015 (When Lucy managed to kill Child I later)

We tried everything. Just don’t think she was strong enough this time.

Work has been shite but… I have just won £135 on Grand National!!! Unpacking party sounds good to me with my flavoured vodka ha ha.

Probably be back in with a bang lol.

I want to be in Ibiza (sad face emoji)

I keep thinking of them both in the cot together – so peaceful yet beyond words for how awful it is. So sad. The family all thanked me when I took (Child P) in dressed. And I know age doesn’t make it any easier/harder


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