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‘UCC Not Acceptable To Us’: All India Muslim Personal Law Board To Law Commission

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A delegation of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board led by its President, Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, met the chairperson of the Law Commission of India on Wednesday and conveyed their stand on Uniform Civil Code, stated in a press statement issued by the board.

The statement read, “Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani explained to the Commission why UCC is unacceptable to Muslims. He said Shariat Law (Muslim Personal Law) has two components, one is based on Quran and Sunna (Prophet’s words and actions) and the other is Ijtehad (Islamic scholars’ opinions). The first part is unalterable, even Muslim scholars cannot make any change to it. Ijtehad can differ with time and situations. Therefore, for us even a minute change in the basic format of Sharia will not be acceptable. The Indian Constitution has made freedom of religion a fundamental right.”

The delegation asked the commission whether they have undertaken any survey or have any data on the basis of which they are proposing UCC. The Commission was also asked why only Muslims have not been exempted from UCC when the government is ready to exclude tribals and Christians of North-eastern states from it. Similarly if anybody has a problem with religious personal law then he or she can solemnize their marriage under the Special Marriage Registration Act, which is a secular law. For such marriages Indian Succession Act will be applicable. Then the delegation asked the Commission whether they had some specific issues related to Muslim Personal Laws, or if they had certain queries, which the delegation would be willing to explain through Islamic perspective. Mr Awasthi raised some specific questions like – Is there any specific age prescribed for marriage in Islam, what is the position of Personal law Board on Nikah-e-Halala and Muta Marriage and what do you say on gender justice.


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