Tragedy Strikes as Seven Succumb to Suffocation in Maharashtra’s Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar Cloth Market

Prompt response from firefighting teams mitigated the spread of the blaze, averting further loss of life and property


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In a devastating turn of events, Maharashtra’s Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, formerly known as Aurangabad, bore witness to a tragic incident resulting in the loss of seven lives due to suffocation. The catastrophe unfolded in the early hours as a massive fire engulfed a clothing shop nestled within the bustling cloth market in the cantonment area.

According to official statements, the toll of the fire tragedy included three women, two men, and two children, all of whom tragically succumbed to suffocation amidst the chaos of the inferno.

Speaking on the incident, Manoj Lohiya, the Police Commissioner of Sambhaji Nagar, conveyed, “At around 4 am, a fire broke out in a clothing shop in the cantonment area of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar. The fire did not reach the second floor, but after a preliminary investigation, we believe seven people died due to suffocation… The reason behind the fire is not yet clear. Further investigation is underway…” These words encapsulate the somber mood and the urgent need for answers surrounding the devastating occurrence.

Prompt response from firefighting teams mitigated the spread of the blaze, averting further loss of life and property. However, the damage had already been done, leaving behind a trail of despair and destruction.

As the authorities grapple with the aftermath, the bodies of the deceased have been tenderly dispatched for post-mortem examination, a necessary step in uncovering the full extent of this tragedy.

Reports indicate that a total of 16 individuals were present within the building at the time of the fire outbreak, with seven occupants on the first floor, an equal number on the second floor, and two individuals on the third floor. Tragically, those who lost their lives were among the occupants of the second floor.

The aftermath of the incident paints a harrowing picture, with visuals depicting the sheer devastation wrought upon the clothing shop. The once bustling establishment now lies in ruins, its merchandise reduced to ashes. Even the nearby scooters, innocent bystanders to the blaze, fell victim to the unforgiving heat, with parts of them melting under its intensity.


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